Friday, April 20, 2012


I'm consumed by cupcakes lately. Not the edible kind - although I'd like to think these look almost edible. I haven't decided yet if promising an all crochet version of the cupcake hat was genius or a really bad idea. The way I design, I sit my behind down in the recliner and work up each size. And because I have a crochet/knit version and an all crochet version, that means I have to make alot of these. Technically, I don't have to make them all - my testers will be a great help in this area, but my own stubbornness requires that I make them all and try to step outside of myself and read my own pattern to work them up. So, I am the slowest pattern writer of all time - I think. I know some of you are waiting, either patiently or impatiently (ahem, I don't blame you - after all, I am a slowpoke). I promise you it is coming. I have many designs in my head that I sometimes find difficult to decipher for others to read. It's a process. Meet the all crochet version <3
I quite like it.


  1. I cant wait to be able to buy this. It's killing me :)

  2. You're not a slowpoke... you're THOROUGH. I wish MORE pattern writers would bother to take the time to test their own products before offering them to the world! You're doing a great job!!!

  3. OH EM GEEE! I LOVE IT! As usual im a big fan and supporter of your work/patterns.

  4. I love the bottom pattern on this cupcake hat! Have you written the pattern somewhere on your blog? I noticed this was a year ago, so I may just not be seeing it.

    1. Hi there! The pattern is available in my Etsy shop, Ravelry store, Craftsy shop and my domain The bottom portion has a knit and a crochet version, and both are included with the pattern. :)