Saturday, July 30, 2011

And the winner is......

I just went over all of the entries for my 3000 Facebook Fan Giveaway, and there were 67 total, thank you guys!!

And the winner is.....Samantha C! Samantha, I've emailed you and sent you a pm via Facebook - CONGRATULATIONS!!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter, I really appreciate all of your support!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Tooth Was Loose

Typed by my 7 year old last night:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Today I was at a place called pump it up and while we were there my mom bumped me while I was drinking water and my tooth came out. And while I swallowed the water I noticed that I swallowed it. I was crying after I noticed! So I don't have a tooth to put under my pillow! Oh and hopefully you give me money still.

Connor Grant

Isn't the last line the best?? And yes, I bumped him - I feel terrible. Yes, he swallowed the tooth! He was sooo upset that he wouldn't have a tooth to leave and wouldn't get any money. I suggested we write her a note and leave it under the pillow instead of a tooth. (I feel a smidge guilty for the whole Tooth Fairy thing, but this is priceless). In my defense, it was reeeaaaallly loose. I had visions of him swallowing it with his food. I was bummed as it was his first top tooth lost, but this note to the Tooth Fairy will forever be a treasure to me. (She was very understanding by the way) :)

P.S. No, I'm not digging in the poo to find it. I know you did not just go there. Eeeeew...

Friday, July 22, 2011

3000 Facebook Fan Giveaway!

Quick giveaway! I am giving away a $50 credit to my Etsy shop as I'm super excited to have reached 3000 fans on my Facebook page . To be eligible for the drawing, you will need to follow my blog and Facebook page, and leave a comment both on my FB page and here on the blog. One lucky winner will be chosen by random number generator on Saturday, July 30th. That's it!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Try This Blogging Thing Again

Look into my eyes, you cannot resist me....puuuurrrrrr.

All right. I'm a horrible blogger, I admit it. But this time I'm going to do better - really. Well, maybe. Ok, probably not...but I'll try.

I've been working on several new patterns and I'm the slowest.pattern.writer ever. My apologies to my pattern stalkers who continue to patiently wait for a pattern I said would be released soon.

Let's talk about how often I throw around the word soon, shall we? All the time. I'm terrible. I get excited about a pattern, and I show you a photo, or better yet, I sell the completed item in my Etsy shop and you ask me if the pattern is available yet, because you would like to make it yourself, darnit. Yep. I tell you it's coming soon. Keep an eye out. All the time. Did I mention I'm terrible?

Now, I should tell you that I'm not a complete liar. When I tell you it's coming, I have every intention at that time of finishing up that gosh darn pattern and having it tested and put up for your enjoyment (and to hopefully make a little money too) But, there's an evil little gremlin in my brain that slows me down. Yeah, that's it. And then sometimes I actually follow through and finish it when I say I will - the gremlin just wants to MESS WITH YOUR HEAD. He's evil I tell you, EVIL!

That said, I really do have 2 patterns coming soon. They are for the most part finished. I am working out some final details and they will be released on July 30th. You know, in case you want to make them and stuff. Keep an eye out.