Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Tooth Was Loose

Typed by my 7 year old last night:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Today I was at a place called pump it up and while we were there my mom bumped me while I was drinking water and my tooth came out. And while I swallowed the water I noticed that I swallowed it. I was crying after I noticed! So I don't have a tooth to put under my pillow! Oh and hopefully you give me money still.

Connor Grant

Isn't the last line the best?? And yes, I bumped him - I feel terrible. Yes, he swallowed the tooth! He was sooo upset that he wouldn't have a tooth to leave and wouldn't get any money. I suggested we write her a note and leave it under the pillow instead of a tooth. (I feel a smidge guilty for the whole Tooth Fairy thing, but this is priceless). In my defense, it was reeeaaaallly loose. I had visions of him swallowing it with his food. I was bummed as it was his first top tooth lost, but this note to the Tooth Fairy will forever be a treasure to me. (She was very understanding by the way) :)

P.S. No, I'm not digging in the poo to find it. I know you did not just go there. Eeeeew...


  1. HAHA!! No poo digging here either!! I have only one of Kate's teeth, but I too kept the cute notes!!
    Following you here now, how was I not?? I swear I am losing it!!

  2. Michele, I haven't used it much, just getting my butt in gear and trying to blog more, still a newbie.

  3. ROFLMAO I was thinking you could still get it.......... but the note can go in his baby book